Raül Fuentes – Omiyage


Raül Fuentes – Omiyage (LEA Ediciones, 2012)

Author: Raül Fuentes
Title: Omiyage.
Release: May 2012.
Release on Card: March 11, 2016.
Media: Ecological paper (made from seaweed) 300 gr.
Size: 10 x 15 cm
Edition: 100

Omiyage includes field recordings made between July 2004 and January 2012 in Bologna (IT), Castello (ES), Florence (IT), Formentera (ES), Girona (ES), Jakarta (ID), Moncofa (ES), Onda (ES), Paris (FR), Pisa (iT), Reggio-Emilia (iT), Rimini (iT), Suzhou (CN), Tarragona (ES) and Toledo (ES) . It is a collection of sound moments of my personal environment that groups from everyday scenes, more or less extraordinary moments such as travels, some found situations or some little sound accidents. All these sounds I’ve been using regularly in recent years in my live performance and some new compositions, as some tracks on the album ‘Abandoned Memory‘ (Feutlab, 2015).

This is a LIMITED edition download card and will be available on this website as a gift by buying the CD ‘Abandoned Memory’ from March 11.

‘Abandoned Memory’CD + Omiyage card Edition 20% off on http://feutlab.com shops, bandcamp CODE:oneyearold , until March 28th.



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