Heezen – Abandoned Memory



Heezen -­ Abandoned Memory
Catalogue Number: FeutCD01
Release Date: March 19th, 2015.
Media: CD + Bi­fold
Edition: 200

1. Gastarbeiter I
2. Bologna
3. Automat
4. 3 hrs
5. Trajectories
6. Abandoned Memory
7. Gastarbeiter II
8. Day for Night
9. For S&F

‘Abandoned Memory’ (Feutlab, 2015) is the fourth album from Raul Fuentes/Heezen, after ‘Golden Flow’ (Inrecs, 2009) and ‘Omiyage’ (LEA, 2012), both recorded using only field recordings, and ‘Secret Speech’ (12rec, 2006).
‘Abandoned Memory’ was recorded and mixed by Raül between 2009 and 2013, using field recordings, guitar, synthesizers, found objects and found sounds, as he did in his debut album, ‘Secret Speech’. Among these found objects there was an old and deteriorated Czech reel­to­reel tape recorder, and a tape reel in pretty bad condition with home recordings made in the late 60’s. Memories of their former owners, of which it could be guessed or imagined that were Spanish emigrants who in the late 60’s were living somewhere in Germany, that brings us to the present southern Europe. Some of these recordings and other sounds produced by this artifact: hiss, hum, distortion, etc, have been part of ‘Abandoned Memory’, where in addition, Raül mixes different analog and digital techniques to create impressionist collages about time and ephemeral memories.

Mastered Ian Hawgood, ‘Abandoned Memory’ is published on Feutlab (feutlab.com), a label created by Raül Fuentes to release his own work. The artwork is a geometric collage made with found photos, printed digitally on bi­fold 300 gr/m2 ecological paper (size: 13.6cm x14.2 cm closed) obtained from algae. All copies are numbered.

Dedicated to my father.

The album is available through the Feutlab Store, Feutlab Bandcamp and at:

France: Ultimae Records.

UK: Stashed Goods

USA: Infraction Records & CD Baby

Also available digitally on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Music, Tidal, Deezer, Yandex, etc


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A Closer Listen (EN).
Son Of Marketing (IT).
Foreign Accents (EN).
De Subjectevisten (NL).
Polyphonia (PL).
Music Won’t Save You (IT).
Igloo Magazine (EN).

Video by Natxo Fuentes.

For S&F ["Abandoned Memory" – Feutlab 2015] by Heezen from Feutlab on Vimeo.

Video made by Marta Negre and Andreu Signes.

Heezen – 3hrs (feutlab.com) from Feutlab on Vimeo.

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